Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Uttarakhand, India

Mechanical Measurement Lab

Measurement is the process of comparing unknown magnitude of certain parameter with the known predefined standard of that parameter. For the measurements results to be accurate, two conditions should be met.
Measurements are one of crucial parts of not only mechanical engineering but all types of engineering fields. Every branch of engineering involves two processes: design, and operations and maintenance. The design may be machine design, building design, circuit design, transportation design, automobile design etc. The operations part involves operation of the machines, automobiles, various plants, circuits etc.

Sr. No.Name of PracticalEquipment RequiredIcon
1Making a plastic mould for small metallic specimen
Metalic Specimen
2Specimen preparation for micro structural examination-cutting, grinding, polishing, etching.
Grinding and Polishing Machine
3Grain size determination of a given specimen
Specimen for find the grain size
4Comparative study of microstructures of different given specimens (mild steel, gray cast iron,brass, copper etc.)
Micro structure of mild steel
5"Heat treatment experiments such as annealing, normalizing, quenching, case hardening and
comparison of hardness before and after."
Electric Furnes

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