Roorkee College of Engineering | Hydraulics Machine Lab

Hydraulics Machine Lab

This lab is run in conjunction with the theory course (Fluid Mechanics). It is an introductory course where flow behavior, fluid forces and analysis tools are introduced. The goals of the experiments include determination of forces generated when fluid flow takes place over a solid object, applications of the control volume approach, demonstration of the momentum and energy equations, viscosity measurement and engineering correlations. Intricate flow phenomena such as separations and transition to turbulence are demonstrated. Experimental setups such as flow through a tube, flow over a flat plate, wind tunnel, smoke tunnel and viscometer are made available to the students. The lab experiments utilize U-tube manometer and digital manometer, a hot-wire anemometer system and data acquisition. The lab runs closely with the lectures in such a way that experiments support the text covered in the class room.
 Low speed wind tunnel
 Smoke tunnel
 Open-channel flow apparatus
 Jet arrangement
 Viscometer
 Reynolds apparatus
 Digital manometer
 U-tube manometer
 Hot-wire anemometer
 Force transducers
 Imaging devices

Sr. NoName of PracticalEquipment RequiredIcon
1To determine the Manning‟s coefficient of roughness „n‟ for the given channel bed.Palton turbine test rig App
2To study the velocity distribution in an open channel and to find the energy and momentum correction factors.Kaplan turbine test rig App
3To study the flow characteristics over a hump placed in an open channelHydraulics Hump
4 To study the flow through a horizontal contraction in a rectangular channel.Hydraulics Hump
5 To calibrate a broad-crested weir and study the pressure distribution on the upstream face of the weir.Open channel Tilting Flume App
6To study the characteristics of free hydraulic jump.Impact of jet App
7To study the flow over an abrupt drop and to determine the end (brink) depth for a free over fall in an open channel.Centrifugal pump test rig.App
8To study Rotodynamic pumps and their characteristics.
9 To study rotodynamic turbines and their characteristicsReciprocating pump test rig App

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