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EMEC I (AC Machines) Lab

This lab is used for performing the basic experiments of electrical Machine, In this lab. Students learn how to use the basic equipment of electrical engineering as well as the machines of electrical engineering like AC machine ( Induction machine and synchronous machine). With the help of these basic equipment and the knowledge of AC machines i.e Induction machine and synchronous machine and student learns how to perform experiments for the calculation of efficiency, losses, load effect and so forth.
• Blocked Rotor test for the calculation of copper losses
• No Load Test for the calculation of core loss.
• Parallel operation of alternators
• Torque slip characteristics of Induction Machine

The Electro mechanical Energy Conversion II i.e AC Machine Laboratory is very important to the 2nd year students because in this lab student learns the basic of the equipment, AC machine and its working like the connections of voltmeter ammeter, watt-meter, AC machine and so forth.

Sr. No.Name of PracticalEquipment RequiredIcon
1To perform load test on three phase induction motor
Ammeter, AC Motor, voltmeter, DOL, Wattemeter
2To perform no load test on three phase induction motor
Ammeter, voltmeter, Wattemeter
3To perform block rotor test on three phase induction motor
Ammeter, voltmeter,Field rheostat Wattemeter, mcb tp
4to study to draw v and inverted for cutve of the motor
Excitation switch, DOL, Wattmeter, ammeter.
5Perform no load and short circuit test on three phase alternator
Ammeter, voltmeter, Single phase wattmeter,starting compensator,frequency meter
6To perform no load test on single phase induction motor
Ammeter, voltmeter, DOL, Wattemeter
7To perform blocked rotor test on single phase induction motor
single phase motor capacitor,voltmeter,varoac
8Synchronizing panel for parallel operation for AC generator
Ammeter, voltmeter, DOL, Wattemeter,dc motor

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