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Building Materials Lab

We undertake analysis of a wide range of raw materials and finished products to a variety of national, European and international standards.
Materials and Products
• Adhesives & sealants
• Bricks
• Blocks
• Insulating products
• Lintels
• Slates
• Tiles
• Building hardware
• Cement
• Ceramic
• Concrete, grout & mortar
• Construction materials & geological samples
• Floors
• Masonry – slate & stone
• Pavers
• Pipes
• Rock & natural stone
• Soils & stabilized soils.
We offer a full range of physical (durability, strength, weather ability, load, and slip resistance) and chemical (composition, micro structural) tests. To complement testing results, our experts offer interpretation together with impartial, independent and practical advice.

Sr. No.Name of PracticalsEquipment Required
1 Normal Consistency of cement.Vicat needle apparatus with all accessories
2 Initial & final setting time of cementLe-chatelier apparatus cement by air permeability
3 Compressive strength of cement
Le-chateliermould apparatus
4 Fineness of cement by air permeability and Le-chatalier‟s apparatus.
Le-chatelier flask
5 Soundness of cement.
Water bath and Le-chateliermould
6 Tensile strength
Tensile strength tester electrically operated with mould
7 Crushing value of aggregate
Aggregate crushing value apparatus
8 Impact value of aggregate
Specific gravity and water observation of aggregate with bucket
9 Water absorption of aggregate
Gyratory sieve shaker (motorized) with adapter & holding 200mm & 300mm sieves
10 Sieve Analysis of Aggregate
G.I. sieve (coarse test) set of (16) sieve
11 Specific gravity & bulk density
G.I. sieve 2.36mm & 1.7mm
12 Grading of aggregates.
Thickness gauge
13 Sieve analysis of sand
G.I. sieve 2.36mm & 1.7mm
14 Silt content of sand
G.I. sieve 2.36mm & 1.7mm
15 Bulking of sand
Trowel (karni)
16 Destructive and non destructive testing on concrete
Motar cube mould (7.06cmx7.06cmx7.06cm)
17 Physical and mechanical properties of reinforcing steel.
Briquette mould gunmetal
18 Bricks: 1. Water absorption.
Pycnometer bottles
19 Dimension Tolerances
Pycnometer bottles
20 Compressive strength
Slump con apparatus
21 Efflorescence
Briquette mould gunmetal

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