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Advance Surveying Field Work Lab

Surveying lab offers supplemental experience in fundamental land surveying measurement methods for surveying courses, including precision steel taping methods to perform horizontal measurements, traditional transits and digital theodolites to perform angular measurements, and traditional and automatic levels for elevation measurements. In addition, students have opportunity to use total station equipment, which enables horizontal, vertical, and angular measurements to be made in one operation. Specialty equipment: • Digital level • Global Positioning System (GPS) for performing differential GPS surveys

Sr. No.Name of PracticalsEquipment RequiredIcon
1Study and use of different types of micro-optic theodolites and total stations.
Vernier transit theodolite with stand (telescopic stand)
2 To carry out Triangulation and Trilateration of a given area.
Tilting level with (telescopic stand)
3 To adjust the angular observations taken in triangulation exercise and compute the
adjusted coordinates of triangulation stations.
Survey compass with stand
Dumpy level with (telescopic stand)
4 To plot the coordinates at a given scale on Plane Table and their field checking.
Auto level with (telescopic stand)
5 To Layout a simple circular curve on the ground using linear methods.
Prismatic compass with stand
6 To Layout a simple circular curve on the ground using Angular methods
Leveling staff 4m (telescopic)
7 To Layout a building and a culvert on the ground.
Chain 30m with arrow
8 Study of satellite imagery and visual image interpretation.
Optical square bran
9 GPS demonstration and coordinate observations.
Ranging rod 4m long
10 GIS demonstration and study of its applications

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