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Transportation Lab

Transportation Engineering Laboratory contributes mainly teaching activities and Design Project (DP) activities in the Civil Engineering Department. It provides support in a wide range of specialized areas of transportation engineering analysis and bitumen analysis and testing to the students.
This includes: Marshal Test, CBR Test, Viscosity of Asphalt Using Say bolt Viscometer, Measurement of Flash point of Asphalt, Measurement of Specific gravity of highway materials California Bearing Ratio, Penetration Test, Ductility Test, Softening Point, Extraction of Bitumen, Sieve Analysis .

Sr. No.Name of PracticalsEquipment RequiredIcon
A. Test of bitumen
1Specific gravity test of bitumen
Ductility testing machine Apparatus
2Ductility test of bitumen
Marshall stability test Apparatus
3Flush point and fire point test of bitumen
Compactor hammer Apparatus
4Float test of bitumen
Compactor mold Apparatus
5 Penetration test of bitumen
Serological water bath Apparatus
6 Softening test of bitumen
Tar viscometer Apparatus
7Viscosity test of bitumen
Stander Penetrometer Apparatus
8Water content test of bitumen
Flesh & Fire Apparatus
B. Test of Aggregate
1Abrasion test of aggregate
Sifting Point ring & boll Apparatus
2Shape test (flakiness and elongation) of aggregate
Aggregate impactor tester Apparatus
3 Impact value test of aggregate
Extectorbitumen content Apparatus
4 Specific gravity test of aggregate
5 Compressive strength test of aggregate
C. Test of Tar
1 Viscosity of tar
Tar viscometer APP
D. Test of bituminous mix
1 Marshal test for stability and flow value
marshal apparatus

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