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Thermal Engineering Lab

Thermal Engineering lab consist of heating or cooling of processes, equipment, or enclosed environments are within the purview of thermal engineering.
One or more of the following disciplines may be involved in solving a particular thermal engineering problem:
• Thermodynamics
• Fluid mechanics
• Heat transfer
• Mass transfer

Thermal engineering may be practiced by mechanical engineers and chemical engineers.
One branch of knowledge used frequently in thermal engineering is that of thermofluids.

Sr. No.Name of PracticalEquipment RequiredIcon
1Study of Fire Tube boiler
Fire Tube boiler
2Study of Water Tube boiler
Water Tube boiler
3 Study and working of Two stroke petrol Engine
A Model of Two stroke petrol Engine
4 Study and working of Four stroke petrol Engine
A Model of Four stroke petrol Engine
5 Study and working of two stroke Diesel Engine
A Model of two stroke Diesel Engine
6 Study and working of four stroke Diesel Engine.
A model of four stroke Diesel Engine
7 Study of Ignition system of an I. C. engine
I. C. engine
8 Study of Impulse & Reaction turbine
Impulse & Reaction turbine
9 Study of steam Engine model.
Model of Steam engine

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