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Soil Mechanics Lab

Objectives –
The main objectives of soil mechanics lab is to obtain the varies properties of soil which are considered important while constructing any type of structure on the earth.
The varies experiments which are generally conducted in soil mechanics lab are:
1 Introduction/Orientation
2 Sieve Analysis
3 Hydrometer Analysis (combined report with sieve anal.)
4 Atterberg Limits
5 Field Compaction
6 Compaction
7 Constant Head Permeability Test
8 Custom Design Experiment
9 Consolidation Test
10 Consolidation Calculations
11 Consolidation Write Up
12 Unconfined Compression Test
13 Direct Shear Test
14 Make up missed experiment

Sr. No.Name of PracticalsEquipment Required
1Sieve Analysis
Soil hydrometer analysis
2 Hydrometer Analysis
Liquid limit test apparatus
3Liquid &Plastic Limit |Test
Plastic limit test apparatus
4Shrinkage Limit Test
Shrinkage limit test apparatus
5 Proctor Compaction Test
Proctor compaction test light test apparatus
6 Relative Density
Proctor compaction test heavy test apparatus
7 In Situ Density-Core Cutter &Sand Replacement
In field density core cutter test apparatus
8 Permeability Test
Direct shear test hand operated test apparatus
9 Direct Shear Test
Standard cone penetration test apparatus
10 Specific gravity determination of coarse and fine grained soils
Air permeability test apparatus
11Static Cone Penetration TestAugur boring post hole 50mm test apparatus test apparatus
12 Standard/Dynamic cone penetration test
cone appartus

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