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Power System Labs

This laboratory is used for performing the experiments of electrical power system, In this laboratory Student learns how to calculate the fault occurred in the power system transmission lines. In this Laboratory students get aware about the relays, circuit breakers, isolators and the fuses
This laboratory is very interesting because is the one of the important laboratories of electrical engineering with practical implementation. The experiments performer in power system laboratory
• Compound and differential relays
• Static relays
• Distance relays
• Fault calculation and so forth.

The Power System Laboratory is very important to the 4th year students because in this lab student learns the practical significance and basic of the equipment.

Sr. No.Name of PracticalEquipment Requirement Icon
1To study Percentage differential relay
Percentage differential relay kit
2to dteermine locatrion of faultr in cable usingf cable fault locator
cablre fault locator
3to study impdeance distance relay
impdeance relay kit
4to dteremine idmt over current relay and detremine time current characterstics
MG Set , dc shunt motor, three phase alternator salient pole type
5to determine zero sequence reactance of an alternator
synchorounus generator

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