Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Uttarakhand, India

Power Electronics Lab

This Laboratory is used for performing the basic experiments of Power Electronics Devices with the help of basic equipment like Voltmeter, ammeter, multi meter and so forth. In this Laboratory student learns how to use the basic equipment of power electronics devices and its application. To understand the operation of different types of power controllers with the help of these basic equipment and devices student learns the basic experiments of power electronics
• V-I Characteristics of Thyristor
• Rectifier controlling using Thyristor with R, RL, RLE load.
• DC-DC Chopper
• Ac Controller and Cyclo Converters
The Power Electronics Laboratory is very important to the 3rd year students because in this Laboratory student learns the basic of the power electronic devices

Sr. No.Name of PracticalEquipment RequiredIcon
1Study of three phase fully controlled bridge rectifier
Experimental bOARD, connecting leads,three phase power module bridge converter,dual trace oscilloscope,
2To study of three phase half controlled Rectifier
Patch cords, three phase firing module bridge conveter, dual trace oscilloscope, multimeter
3Study of ujt trigeringf circuirt for half and full cvontrol
CRO experimental board
4Study of single phase ac voltage regulator
CRO Multimeter lamp load experimental
5Study of triggering of IGBT , MOSFET, power transistor
Function generator CRO Expermental board
6study of scr characterstics
Expermental board
7to study of igbt chopper operation
8Study of single phase half contreol brigde converter
Single phase scr, half bridge converter, patch cords, voltmeter
9to study the operation full bridge contriolled converter with R load using conveter
single phaes scr bridge conveter, patch cord, dc voltmeter, resistive

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