Roorkee College of Engineering Network and Measurement Lab

Network and Measurement Lab

This laboratory is used for performing the basic experiments in electrical engineering. In this laboratory students learn how to use the basic equipment of electrical engineering like voltmeter, ammeter, watt-meter, multi meter and so forth. With the help of these basic equipment student learns how to perform experiments like
• Thevenin’s theorem
• Different bridges for measuring inductance and capacitance like hays bridge, Maxwell’s bridge
• Norton’s theorem

The Networks and measurement laboratory is very important to the 2nd year students because in this lab student learns the basic working of the equipment like the connections of voltmeter ammeter, watt-meter and different instruments and so forth.

Name of PracticalEquipment Used
Study of semiconductor diode voltmeter and its us as DC average responding AC voltmeterCRO, Multi-Meter
Study of L.C.R. Bridge and determination of the value of the given componentsVoltmeter, Ammeter, CRO
Study of distortion factor meter and determination of the % distortion of the given oscillatorCRO
Study of the transistor tester and determination of the parameters of the given transistorsMulti-Meter, Rheo State
Study of the following transducer (i) PT-100 Transducer (ii) J- type Transducer (iii) K-type
Transducer (IV) Presser Transducer
Voltmeter, Ammeter, CRO
Measurement of phase difference and frequency using CRO (Lissajous Pattern)Frequency Generator, CRO
Measurement of low resistance Kelvin’s double bridgeMulti-Meter, Rheo State
Radio Receiver MeasurementsAntenna, Frequency Generator
Study of A to D and D to A converter and its realization
Multi-Meter, DC Supply
Designing of some characters like A by alpha numeric DisplayDC supply, Multi-Meter

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