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The central library of RCE is stocked with thousands of books written by prominent authors on various subject. To encourage research activities and advanced reading, our libraries have memberships of many e-journals and databases. This gives access to articles, books, and reference material online. The intake of books is a regular feature in the library and no important title related to the courses of study is missed. In addition to the course books general books for personality development, general knowledge handbooks, yearbooks, reference books etc. are also added to the collections.

There is a reference section in library which covers most of the important titles.

The library subscribes to national and international subject journals, magazines of current interest along with national and regional dailies to keep the students abreast with the day to day happenings in the world and their fields of study. The library is tastefully furnished and it can seat approximately 150 students at a time in its spacious reading halls. The serene atmosphere in the library with rows of neatly stacked books plays a major role in attracting the students to the library for study and supplementing their class notes.

Digital Library

In the past few years, procedures for digitizing books at high speed and comparatively low cost have improved considerably. The result is that we can now digitize millions of books per year for creating digital libraries. Our Digital library has over 3000 e-books available round the clock through a FTP server on the intranet, whereby students can access the material and books anytime from anywhere on the campus.

Reference library

The Institute has an altogether a separate reference library which is spread on an area of more than 400 sq m with varied books on Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Humanities, Social Sciences.

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