Placement wise best Engineering College in India

Hydraulics Lab

  • Hydraulics Laboratory is part of a unique research facility designed for hydraulic model studies, hydraulic performance testing and research in the fields of open channel and closed conduit hydraulics.Studies that can be undertaken:
    • Scour and sediment transport studies
    • Channel stability of rivers
    • Porous media flow
    • River diversion structures
    • Spillways
    • Outlet works
    • Embankment and dam formation erosion
    • Energy dissipaters
  • Facilities and equipment on site can test valves, flow meters, and pumps for:
    • Flow Capacity
    • Pressure loss
    • Energy output and efficiency

Sr. No.Name of PracticalEquipment RequiredIcon
1To verify the momentum equation using the experimental set-up on diffusion of submerged air jet.Impact of jet App
2To determine the coefficient of discharge of an orifice of a given shape. Also to determine the coefficient of velocity and the coefficient of contraction of the orifice mouth piece.Orifice meter App
3To calibrate an orifice meter, venturimeter, and bend meter and study the variation of the co-efficient of discharge with the Reynolds number.Orifice meter venturemeter & bend meter App
4To study the transition from laminar to turbulent flow and to determine the lower critical Reynolds number.Reynold Apparatus App
5To study the velocity distribution in a pipe and also to compute the discharge by integrating the velocity profile.Velocity distribution in pipe
6To study the variation of friction factor, „f‟ for turbulent flow in commercial pipes.Friction factor App
7To study the boundary layer velocity profile over a flat plate and to determine the boundary layer thicknessWind tunnel App

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