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Heat and Mass Transfer Lab

The heat and mass transfer lab has fully equipped labs supervised by experienced faculty member. Heat and Mass transfer is an important area of Mechanical Engineering. The lab provides the facilities for imparting practical on the related concepts of heat and mass transfer in thermal power plants, gas turbines, steam turbines and Heat exchanges.

Sr. No.Name of PracticalsEquipment requiredIcon
1Conduction - Composite wall experiment
Composite wall apparatus
2Conduction - Composite cylinder experiment
Composite cylinder apparatus
3Experiment of Stefann Boltzman Constant
Stefann Boltzman apparatus
4Experiment of Parllel and counter flow heat exchanger
Parllel and counter flow heat exchange apparatus
5Convection - Heat transfer through fin-natural convection .
Natural Convection Apperatus
6Convection - Heat transfer through tube/fin-forced convection.
Pin Fin Force Convection Apperatus

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