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General Technical Round Questions

CE Department

1. How can you distinguish between sorption, absorption and adsorption?
2. What is modular elasticity?
3. Discuss some applications of modular elasticity.
4. What is difference between engineering stress and true stress?
5. What are some structures that are subjected to fatigue?
6. What is the tensile strength of wood?
7. Explain soil analysis?
8. What is soil enforcement?
9. How can you achieve soil enforcement?
10. What is a bearing capacity of soil?
11. Why does the pressure increase under soil?
12. How to increase a bearing capacity of soil?
13. What you understand by building codes?
14. Explain moment of inertia and its importance.
15. Which is the best book for building construction?
16. How do we determine the specific gravity of a cement?
17. What are the causes of building collapse?
18. Explain the latest method to detect a crack in a building?
19. How do we test on design and style in a software?
20. Explain different types of RCC pipes.
21. Explain the design for RCC multi-storied building?
22. What are the benefits of RCC pipes over steel designed pipes?
23. Elaborate advantages & disadvantages of using crusher dust instead of sand in RCC work.
24. How can you produce desired alloys and discuss their applications in daily life.
25. Can inverted beams used in pipes during construction? If yes, explain how it can be implemented?
26. What is rigging?
27. What are the techniques to measure road difference?
28. Explain major differences between routing maintenance and major maintenance.
29. What you understand by Richter scale?
30. How do we calculate the power of centrifugal pump?
31. What is a tensile strength? What is the tensile strength of wood?
32. Difference between pre-tensioning and post-tensioning.
33. Explain the difference between shear and tensile strength.
34. Why the statue of liberty is made of Copper?
35. What is the difference between TOR steel and TMT steel?
36. Which code is used for TOR & TMT steel bar?
37. Explain major difference between auto level and dumpy level?
38. What is the L/D ratio of cantilever beam?
39. What is the ratio of steel and concrete to use in slabs , beams, columns ?
40. What is pre-stressed concrete?
41. What are the ingredients of pre-stressed concrete?
42. What do you mean by honeycomb in concrete?
43. Why is concrete cube test carried out?
44. How do you calculate the power of centrifugal pump?
45. What is aggregate?
46. What is absolute pressure? How absolute pressure is calculated?
47. What is the absolute pressure scale?
48. What is gravity flow?
49. What is a projection line?
50. What is horizon or horizontal mining?

ME Department

1. What is mechanism?
2. How Sap is useful for mechanical engineers?
3. What is Newton law, explain it.
4. Explain the law of thermodynamics? What is a importance of it in a field of Mechanical Engineering?
5. What is Hess law?
6. What is PS?
7. What is bearing? Explain types of it.
8. What is the process flow diagram?
9. What is a time and motion theory?
10. Which is the hardest material on earth?
11. One unit of BTU has how much number of Joules?
12. Explain the procedure of operating a pump?
13. What does a pump develop, Give reason to support your answer
14. “Pipe” Explain the concept behind it
15. Explain the difference between pipe and a tube?
16. Explain the formula of heal loss in a pipe.
17. What kind of pipes are used for steam lines?
18. Who invented a four stroke engine? According to you which one is more efficient Four stroke engine and a two stoke engine and why?
19. What do you understand by the concept of 6 stroke engine? Explain how it work.
20. Explain what is torque?
21. What is the difference between torque and power?
22. Explain why diesel engine called as high torque and petrol engine as high speed engine?
23. Why heavy vehicles are made by diesel engine?
24. How does length and initial angel effect period in a simple pendulum?
25. Explain the difference between projectile motion and rocket motion?
26. According to you which one is stronger thick steel wire or thick steel wire and why?
27. Between steel copper and brass,which conduct faster heat.
28. Explain the types of sensor and their explanation.
29. What all are the mineral needed to make a car?
30. With the help of which instrument we can measure a speed in a car?
31. Advantage and disadvantage of using LPG in a car?
32. Why gas container are mostly in a cylindrical shape?
33. Explain, why re-heater is used in gas turbine?
34. How can a square section cut in lathe?
35. how many types of suspension is used in automobiles?
36. What is DTSI? Why it is used in motor bikes?
37. What are the advantages of DTSI over normal engines?
38. What is meant by gear ratio?
39. What is the ratio of specific heat of air?
40. What is the percentage of carbon present in pig iron?

ECE Department

1. What is DMA controller?
2. What is DMA channels?
3. What happens during DMA transfer?
4. What is half duplex transmission?
5. What is the difference between the bandwidth of half duplex and simplex transmission?
6. What are the processes required to perform interfacing successfully?
7. What is single input output interface? How it is different from single ended interface?
8. How does data transfer takes place between memory and input output ports?
9. What is parallel data transfer process?
10. Differentiate between PPI and input output devices.
11. What is parallel to serial conversion?
12. Explain the working of stepping motors.
13. What are the data pins of microprocessors? What is their use?
14. What is working principle of Profibus and how it transfer data?
15. Explain zener breakdown and avalanche breakdown?
16. What is the need of filtering ideal response of filters and actual response of filters? What is sampling theorem? What is impulse response?
17. What are advantages of dc supply over ac supply?
18. What is the voltage level of noise signal?
19. What happens when a magnetic material is heated strongly?
20. What is the effect of polarization of dielectric under heat?
21. Which number system is used in analysing and programming of microprocessors?
22. What happens when an inverter is placed between both inputs of S-K flip flop?
23. What is the chief characterstic of master-slave flip flop?
24. What logic function is obtained by adding an inverter to the output of an AND gate?
25. Which register which contains the instruction that is to be executed?
26. Which is used as storage location in the ALU and the control section of a computer?
27. What is simulator programme?
28. In C programming language, how many parameters can be passed to a function ?
29. Which filter has the highest Q factor?
30. What is multiplexing? Explain its primary advantage.
31. What is SSB modulation?
32. How can we remove unwanted sideband from SSB modulation?
33. How many channels are there in 2MB pulse code modulation?
34. What is cut off frequency?
35. Differentiate between pass band and stop band.
36. Explain Shanon-hartley law.
37. Why interlacing is used in television?
38. Which type of modulation is used in TV transmission?
39. What is attenuation?
40. Differentiate between transducer and transponder.
41. What is op-amp?
42. Differentiate between conductor and inductor.
43. What is meant by pre-emphasis and de-emphasis?
44. Which semiconductor device is used as a voltage regulator and why?
45. What are monitoring methods for Electronics activities?
46. What is an interrupt?

EEE Department

What is the difference between AC and DC signal?
What is a power factor?
What is the power factor of AC and DC?
What is maximum power transfer theorem?
What is AVC?
What is DLTC?
What is active power?
What is internet?
How can we convert active power into apparent power?
What is norton’s theorem.
Differentiate between active and passive components.
What is Norton and Maxwell theorem?
Difference between cell and battery.
Difference between full wave and half wave rectifier.
What is the unit of power factor?
What is a transformer?
What do you understand by electrical and electronics.
What is MDI?
Difference between transformer and rectifier.
Which types of equipments are made in our company?
What do you know about our company?
What is the difference between Capacitor and Inductor?
Write formula for maximum power theorem.
What are different ways of improving power factor?
What is the formula for power in single and three phases?
Draw full wave rectifier waveform.
What is UPS?
How can we convert kilowatt into megawatt.
What is rectifier, it’s working and application.
What is transformer and differentiate it with rectifier.
What is a Stabilizer?
What is a Capacitor Bank?
What is the full form of OLTC?
What is the range of power factor?
Explain Voltage Divider Rule.
Tell me about yourself.
At what post and department your Father is, explain.
Tell me about the difference between stator and rotor.
What is OLTP?
Define Voltage and Current.
How to convert KVA into KW.
What is the value of frequency in India and USA.
What is MDI?
What is power?
What is difference between KVA and KV.
Working of Generator and Rectifier.
Which person in India got Rajeev Gandhi Award recently in cricket?
How much electricity are supplied in industries
What is power factor for AC and DC?

CSE Department

What is parity generation ?
A nand gate becomes ___ gate when used with negative logic ?
What is the advantage of cmos over nmos ?
What is the advantage of syncronous circuits over asynchronous circuits ?
What is the function of ALE in 8085 ?
A voice signal sample is stored as one byte. Frequency range is 16 Hz to 20 Hz. What is the memorysize required to store 4 minutes voice signal?
What will the controller do before interrupting CPU?
In a normalised floating point representation, mantissa is represented using 24 bits and exponent with 8 bits using signed representation. What is range ?
The stack uses which policy out of the following– LIFO, FIFO, Round Robin or none of these ?
Where will be the actual address of the subroutine is placed for vectored interrupts?
Give the equivalent Gray code reprasentation of AC2H. What is the memory space required if two unsigned 8 bit numbers are multiplied ?
The vector address of RST 7.5 in 8085 processor is _______.
Subtract the following hexadecimal numbers— 8416 – 2A16
Add the following BCD numbers— 1001 and 0100
How much time does a serial link of 64 Kbps take to transmit a picture with 540 pixels.
Give the output when the input of a D-flip flop is tied to the output through the XOR gate.
Simplify the expression AB + A( B + C ) + B ( B + C )
Determine the logic gate to implement the foolowing terms–ABC, A+B+C
Implement the NOR gate as an inverter.
What is the effect of temperature on the Icb in a transistor
What is the bit storage capacity of a ROM with a 512*4 organisation?
What is the reason of the refresh operation in dynamic RAM’s ?
Suppose that the D input of a flip flop changes from low to high in the middle of a clock pulse.Describe what happens if the flip flop is a positive edge triggered type?
How many flip flops are required to produce a divide by 32 device ?
An active HIGH input S-R latch has a 1 on the S input and a 0 on the R input. What state is the latch in?
Implement the logic equation Y = C^BA^ + CB^A + CBA with a multiplexer. (where C^ stands for C complement)
Equivalent Gray code reprasentation of AC2H.
What does a PLL consist of ?
In a tertiary tree, which has three childs for every node, if the number of internal nodes are N, then the total number of leaf nodes are
Explain the term locality of reference” ?”
. What is the language used for Artificial Intelligence
What is the character set used in JAVA 2.0 ?
char a =0xAA ;
int b ;
b = (int) a ;
b = b >> 4 ;
What is the output of the above program segment ?
struct s1 { struct { struct { int x; } s2 } s3 }y;
How does one access x in the above given structure definition ?
Why there is no recursion in Fortran ?
What is the worst case complexity of Quick sort?
What will be sequence of operating system activities when an interrupt occurs ?
In a sequential search, what is the average number of comparisons it takes to search through n elements ?
What is the size of the array declared as double * X[5] ?
A binary search tree with node information as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 is given. Write the result obtained on preorder traversal of the binary search tree ?
If size of the physical memory is 232-1, then what is the size of the virtual memory ?
S -> A0B
A-> BB|0
B-> AA|1
How many strings of length 5 are possible with the above productions?
(3*4096+15*256+3*16+3). How many 1’s are there in the binary representation of the result ?
In memory mapped I/O how is I/O is accessed ?
What is the use of ALE in 8085 ?
If the logical memory of 8 X 1024 is mapped into 32 frames, then the number of bits for the logical address are____ ?
Context free grammar is useful for which purpose ?
In ternary number representation, numbers are represented as 0,1,-1.(Here -1 is represented as 1 bar.) How is 352/9 represented in ternary number representation?
There are processes which take 4,1,8,1 machine cycles respectively. If these are executed in round robin fashion with a time quantum of 1, what is the time it take for process 4 to complete ?
The minimum frequency of operation is specified for every processor because……
a)for interfacing slow peripherals
b)dynamic memory refreshing.
c)to make compatible with other processor.
For linked list implementation , which search is not applicable ?

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