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Fluid Mechanics Lab

This lab is run in conjunction with theory course (TCE-301) Fluid Mechanics it is an introductory course flow behavior fluid forces and analysis tools are introduced.
The goal of the experiment include determination of forces generated when fluid flow takes place of the solid object applications of the control volume approach demonstration of the momentum and energy equation viscosity measurement and Engg. correlations.
Intricate flow phenomenon such as separation of transition and turbulence are demonstrated experimental setup such as flow through a tube, flow over a flat plate, wind tunnel, smoke tunnel & viscometer are made available to the students. The lab exp. Utilize u-tube manometer.

Sr. No.Name of PracticalEquipment requiredIcon
1"To determine the coefficient of discharge of an orifice of a given
shape. Also to determine the coefficient of velocity and orific mouth piece."
Orific meter, Venturimeter
2To calibrate an orifice meter, venturimeter, and bend meter and study the variation of the co-efficient of discharge with the Reynolds number.
Rynolds Equipment
3To study the transition from laminar to turbulent flow and to determine the lower critical Reynolds number.
laminar & turbulent flow apperatus
4To study the variation of friction factor, „f‟ for turbulent flow in commercial pipes.
Friction Factor Equipment
5To study the boundary layer velocity profile over a flat plate and to determine the boundary layer thickness
Boundry layer (Flat plate)

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