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Environmental Lab

The Environmental Laboratory supports the environmental protection functions of state government by performing chemical, bacteriological and radio-logical analyses of environmental samples including drinking water, surface water, waste water, sediment, air, fish, soil and hazardous waste. The Laboratory provides these testing services for programs in the Environmental Health Division at the Minnesota Department of Health, for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and various agencies of local government. The Laboratory maintains the capability to respond to radiological emergencies within the State. The Laboratory also develops new analytical methods and provides technical training and consultation at the request of its clients.
The Environmental Laboratory ensures that testing capacity is available to support the public health and environmental protection objectives of the state.

Sr. No.Name of PracticalsApparatus Used
1 Determination of turbidity, colour, and conductivity.
Digital Turbidity test apparatus
2 Determination of pH , alkalinity and acidity.
Digital conductivity test apparatus
3Determination of hardness and chlorides.
Digital D.O meter test apparatus
4 Determination of residual chlorine and chlorine demand.
Digital PH meter test apparatus
5 Determination of dissolved oxygen.
Digital soumd level meter test appartus
6 Measurement of air pollutants with high volume sampler.
Water testing kit test appppartus
7 Measurement of sound level with sound level meter.
Digital soumd level meter test appartus

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