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Electrical Drives Lab

This lab is used for performing the basic experiments of electrical Machine with the help of power electronics devices, In this Laboratory student learns how to use the basic equipment of power electronics engineering devices with electrical machine as well as the machines of electrical engineering and power electronics devices. With the help of these basic equipment and the knowledge of electrical machines i.e Induction machine, synchronous machine and DC Machine and student learns how to perform experiments for the calculation of Controlling of speed, torque and heating.
• Rheostatic Control
• Plugging and regenerative Braking
• Speed Control of DC and AC Machine
The Electrical Drives Laboratory is very important to the 4th year students because in this lab student learns the basic of the power electronic devices with the electrical Machine like AC machine DC Machine and its controlling.

Sr. No.Name of PracticalEquipment RequiredIcon
1Study of solid state power supply
Power supply, DC miliammeter, rheostat, CRO
2Study of multivibrator using transistors
Multivibrator, pulse generator, CRO
3performance of opamp VI converter model
Dc power supply, connecting leads
4Study of logarithmic amplifier using Opamp
Experimental board, connecting leads
5Study of PLL
CRO, oscillator generator, stop watch
6Study of different types of filters using opamp.
CROP miliohmmeter, model ACM 536
7Study of wein bridge oscillator using opamp
CRO, frequency generator, patch cord
8Study of transistorized colpitt oscillator
Experimental board, CRO leads
9Study of hartley Oscillator
Experimental Board, leads

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