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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Students who have an interest in the working and making of machines, manufacturing processes, and machine design may take up this course. Mechanical Engineering program revolves around concepts such as designing, manufacturing and working of machines and tools, parts of machines and their design, concepts of physics etc. As a result, students will come across subjects focusing of machines, such as- Theory of Machines, Dynamics of Machines etc.

The Mechanical Engineering Department of RCE, Roorkee is fully equipped to meet the requirements of B.Tech (Mech) course. It has highly qualified and experienced faculty, most of those are product of engineering college of very high repute such as IIT, NIT and other engineering institutes of national and international fame.


Mechanical Engineering is a core and evergreen branch. Almost all core industries and manufacturing units makes use of machines. Thus, for functioning and maintenance of machines, qualified Mechanical Engineers are needed by such Industries!
In the above mention organizations and sectors, B.E./B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering graduates may take up the following roles-

  • Design Engineer
  • Purchase and Quality Control Executive
  • Assistant Mechanical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
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