Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce


The Department of Commerce has been established with an aim to create professionals in the field of commerce. The program being offered at Roorkee College, Affiliated to Sri DevSuman Uttarakhand University, Badshahithol, Tehri (Garhwal), a State Govt. University, recognized under University act 1960, in the field of commerce equip graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and participate in the modern business world. These programs prepare students for higher studies, and allow them to achieve the highest level of success in their professional careers as they provide a solid foundation in economics, quantitative methods and organizational behavior, exposing them to multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills. The Department seeks to offer an education where the search for knowledge complements sense of responsibility, where understanding is coupled with the commitment and where academic excellence goes with the cultivation of virtue.

The Bachelor of Commerce is a career-oriented undergraduate degree which provides a foundation in all aspects of commerce. It prepares graduates for a wide range of careers in the business world. This program focuses on preparing a student for the modern financial and accounting field. Some of the career options include business management, business development, accounting, marketing and advertising, banking, management consulting, economic analysis, financial planning, foreign affairs, fund management, international business and trade analysis, government administration, policy formulation, portfolio management in the private and public sectors.

Commerce education is a living discipline and is totally different from other disciplines. Hence, it must charter new routes to service the aspirations of the nation. Commerce education has emerged as one of the most profitablepursuits in the wake of industrialization. Rapid globalization and technological changes have made it extremely difficult for organizations to survive in the competitive world. As a result, the importance of Commerce education has increased many folds and there is greater demand for sound development of commerce education in India. Business executives need to update their skills due to sudden changes in the external environment. The College of commerce is playing pivotal role in equipping the future dynamic managers with the emerging trends of Commerce skills to face the challenges of dynamic business world.

In tune with the needs of the business and society, independent professions have emerged in the form of Professional Accountants and Business Administrators. The business environment in India is highly volatile and uncertain. Companies strive to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through appropriate strategies formulated by Cost and Management Accountants. Moreover, the focus of the national agenda today is on developing cost competitiveness and achieving inclusive and sustainable growth.

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