Rank wise best Engineering College of India

Basic Electrical Lab

The basic electrical lab is used for providing the basic knowledge of the equipment and circuits used in the lab for performing the experiments. The College’s lab consist of all basic devices and circuits for the students to understand the basic concepts of electrical subject

Sr. No.Name of PracticalEquipment RequiredIcon
1Verification of Network theorems
Voltmeter, Ammeter,Connecting Wires, voltage and current source, theorem circuit kit
2Study of diode characterstics. Study of Phenomenon and of resonance in RLC series Circuit
Voltmeter, Ammeter,Connecting Wires, variable frequency voltage, Resonance circuit kit
3Measurment of power in three phase circuit by two wattmeter method
Wattmeter, voltmeter, ammeter, three phase supply and load
4Measurment of efficiency of a single phase transformer by load test
Circuit kit, wattmeter, voltmeter, ammeter, connecting wires
5Determination of parameters and losses in single phase transformer by OS and SC test
Circuit kit, wattmeter, voltmeter, ammeter, connecting wires,auto transformer
6Study of characterstics of DC Motor
DC series, shunt, compound motor, voltmeter, ammeter
7DC Generator characterstics
DC series, shunt, compound Generator, voltmeter, ammeter
8Speed Control Of DC Shunt motor
DC Series,shunt motor, variable resistance, voltmeter and ammeter
9Study running and reversing of a three phase induction motor
Circuit kit, voltmeter, ammeter, three phase supply
10Study of a single phase energy meter
Energy meter, variable resistive loads, voltmeter,ammeter

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