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Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with designing, manufacturing and operating automobiles. It incorporates elements of mechanical, electrical, software and safety engineering as applied to design and manufacture buses, bikes, trucks and other vehicles and machines. The course in Automobile Engineering deals with the creation and maintenance of automobiles, starting from designing the vehicles to manufacturing components, assembling and testing them for safety. Production, development, and manufacturing are the three major functions in this field.

The department is well equipped with laboratories like Vehicle Design Lab, Engine Testing and Diagnosis center, Vehicle Servicing Laboratory, Automotive Sensors and Controls Laboratory, Automotive Electrical and Electronic Laboratory, Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, CAD/CAM center, Design center, Heat Power Engineering Laboratory, Energy Engineering Laboratory and Heat Transfer Laboratory.


Automobile Engineers are demanded in both India and abroad. As it’s a huge industry, there are great employment opportunities in Private National and Multinational Automobile companies, Service Stations, Private Transport companies, Defence Services and Self Employment by setting up Automobile Garage or Maintenance Workshop. The industry offers many challenging and interesting roles to skilled professionals. Some of the common job roles include:

  • Designing, development and manufacturing of vehicles
  • Creating blueprint of vehicles and its components
  • Maintenance and Services Engineers in automobile workshops, aircraft industries, aviation, marine vessels, and diesel power stations

Contact Details

Name: Mr. Ashish Kumar Chauhan
Mob. No.: 9927099228
E mail: hodmee@

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