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Mr. Naman Bansal


Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence – Abigail Adam
On behalf of all at the Roorkee College of Engineering, I welcome you to what will be an exciting journey in changing the lives of your children in a real and meaningful way. We believe that there can be no higher calling, than to deliver a quality education for your child and we have excellent faculty who are committed to that very purpose. RCE has an idyllic setting, fine weather and a natural pollution – free atmosphere, to satisfy the crucial needs in today’s world for students to learn, observe, introspect and contemplate. Education in such an ambiance is a rewarding experience.

We value the individual differences that each child carries to the classroom. The very diverse cultural backgrounds and learning styles of our student population makes RCE an ideal setting for young minds to grow. The richness of our academic programs encourages students to connect separate elements of knowledge to form a coherent perspective of the whole, thus producing insightful, creative and analytical thinkers.

As we embark on this unique journey, I am confident that we will succeed in challenging our students to become engaged citizens of the 21st Century who possess not only the knowledge for critical thinking but also the motivation for keeping their minds actively engaged in learning for the rest of their lives.

With your support we can have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of our younger generation. Together we can ensure that they have a more informed understanding not only of themselves but also of the world in which they live.

In the end I would like to say that…

‘ Abhi to baaj ki udaan baki hai,
Abhi to parindon ki udaan baaki hai,
Abhi to kewal ek parvat paar kiya hai,
Abhi toh saara asmaan baki hai’

Learn With Us!

Naman Bansal
Secretary, RCE
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