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Department of Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering

The Department offers a 8-semester B.Tech. undergraduate programme in Automobile Engineering. Automobile Engineering Department is established to provide the students with learning facilities comparable to world class standards for designing and manufacturing of automobiles using Pro-E, ADAMS,CAD/CAM, RPT to Impart knowledge to design vehicles with lesser pollution and better safety standards to meet norms and to provide knowledge to build hybrid vehicles and to use alternative sources of energy.

The department is well equipped with laboratories like Vehicle Design Lab, Engine Testing and Diagnosis center, Vehicle Servicing Laboratory, Automotive Sensors and Controls Laboratory, Automotive Electrical and Electronic Laboratory, Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, CAD/CAM center, Design center, Heat Power Engineering Laboratory, Energy Engineering Laboratory and Heat Transfer Laboratory.

Contact Details

Name: Mr. Ashish Kumar Chauhan
Mob. No.: 9927099228
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